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Why are the behind the scene photos so important?

A photo taken from behind the scenes during a newborn photo session
Behind the scene - newborn photo shoot

Every successful business these days needs to be visible on the spectrum of social media platforms. All new and existing clients gets the opportunity to see and compare the service which are expected to meet the requirements. This applies to a newborn photographer without exception.


Showcase your work

Newborn photoshoot by Andrea Dedik Photography
Behind the scenes from a newborn photo session

There is no better way to demonstrate work, dedication, care and safety during a newborn photo session other than through the behind the scenes photos and videos sent by the clients whose little angels are in the safe hands of an experienced photographer.

Listen to your clients

I am always thankful when parents ask me if they could take a picture or a short videoclip on their phone to capture my work in the studio and send me all videos and photos taken during the photo shoot. In the end they also keep the memory of the time when their little boy or girl spent a few hours focused in the lens of the photographer’s camera.


To conclude...

I believe that the behind the scenes photos will help parents to get an idea of what to expect from a newborn photo session and also to compare the quality, style and safety measures taken by the photographer.



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