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Embracing Adventure: A Photographer's Tale of Beach Photos Captured With Her Son

As a passionate photographer and a devoted mother to a spirited little boy, my camera bag has become an essential companion wherever we roam! From the tranquil allure of sunset camping to the serene beauty of sandy shores and the boundless energy shared with my son, these are the moments I cherish capturing.


When it comes to capturing the essence of childhood, there's a foolproof recipe for success—let them be themselves! Whether splashing in the waves with their favourite toys or exploring with their closest companion, allowing children the freedom to express themselves naturally yields the most authentic and memorable photographs.

Kids playing on the beach
Kids playing on the beach during sunrise

One particularly unforgettable moment occurred during an impromptu photoshoot with my son, Matysek. As we frolicked by the water's edge, capturing candid shots of his infectious laughter and boundless curiosity, little did we know that our spontaneity would lead to unexpected recognition. Our photographs were discovered and showcased in the International Photographer's Catalog, a testament to the power of capturing genuine moments of joy and spontaneity.

Playing on the beach is so much fun
Playing on the beach is so much fun

Through the lens of my camera, I've learned that the most precious memories are often the ones that unfold organically – the laughter, the playfulness, and the genuine connections shared between a mother and her son. It's these moments that I strive to capture, preserving them as timeless treasures to be cherished for years to come.

A child watching the sunrise
Watching the sunrise

So, the next time you embark on an adventure with your little ones, don't forget to pack your camera and embrace the magic of childhood. For within those fleeting moments lies the beauty of life, waiting to be immortalised in a single frame.


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