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  • Andrea Dedikova

Rise Awards 2018

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

I would like to share fantastic news with all of you who follow my photography work.

Two months ago I decided to send two photographs to a world photography competition organised and judged by some of the best professionals in the field of photography.

I did not expect a huge success as I have been working in the photography business only just for over two and half years. Even though, I aim to work harder and harder to get on top, this competition was a really big challenge for me.

Awesome Competition

Hundreds of photographers from all around the world submitted thousands of photos in this prestigious competition and… I still feel amazed by the fact that both of my photographs have been awarded the Bronze medals!!! I am so happy I achieved this and I am convinced that every person can accomplish any goals. I know that all the hard work is worth it and I will keep pushing so everyday in every way I get better and better.

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