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During newborn sessions, you entrust your photographer to hold, soothe, and pose your brand-new baby, often in and on props. You need to trust that this person knows what they are doing, just as you would with any professional.

As a former babysitter, I have years of experience in soothing, calming and posing babies. I possess all skills necessary for a successful photo session. Your baby's safety and comfort has to be a priority to a photographer. Many of the poses and images you see of babies in hanging nests, swings or the popular "head in hands" pose you see in my galleries are composite images. I have supported the baby the entire time and taken a series of shots to later on edit together to create the illusion that the baby is on these props or in these poses without that support.

A worrying fact is that many inexperienced photographers do not take the same care and have not researched the safe way to take images like these and attempt them regardless of this just to get the best shot. What is more important? Price or safety?


I work with over $20,000 in professional-grade equipment (cameras, lenses, studio lighting, computers, and the latest editing software). Although professional cameras are reasonably accessible to consumers, what matters most is the skill it takes to manually and creatively use that equipment.

I have a collection of over $5,000 worth of quality hand-made natural collection of props sourced locally and internationally including: hats, bonnets, headbands, tiebacks, faux furs, backdrops, baskets, wraps, blankets, hammocks and flooring to ensure a wide variety of beautiful set-ups that are unique to each client's session. The collection is growing constantly and I keep pace with current trends.

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