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When is the best time for having a maternity photo session?

This is up to the individual. However, I recommend it between 28-35 weeks for maternity photo sessions.

What should I wear on a maternity photo shoot?

A floaty dress in a solid colour, chiffon, or other floaty and light fabrics works brilliantly. Otherwise, wear anything that makes you feel comfortable and fabulous! Please, try to avoid bold patterns and distracting logos. If you are unsure, I have a few custom-made maternity dresses available for hire. Please contact me for a consultation on what to wear if required.


When to book a newborn session?

It is never too early to book your newborn photo session, so please book while you are still expecting to guarantee a session. Because I also offer other types of photography sessions, I have bookings sometimes up to three months in advance. I take on a limited number of weekly newborn photo sessions to allow more flexibility, as some babies may arrive early and some arrive late. If you know your due date and like my photography style, book it in as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Why is it best to photograph newborns under 12 days of age?

Worldwide, newborn photo sessions are recommended for babies under 12 days of age, with the optimum time being between 4 - 10 days. This is because babies are the sleepiest and easiest to settle during this time. Photo sessions after 12 days frequently run longer as babies are harder to settle and more wakeful, aware of mum’s absence, etc., so please be prepared for this. Also, babies like to curl up beautifully before 12 days, so many images in baskets or posing backdrops work best during this time. The “head in hands” or “froggy” pose composite photos are almost always of babies under 12 days of age. Babies need to be very relaxed and in a deep sleep to achieve this pose which involves adult support and composing two images in Photoshop post-production.

What to bring on a photography session?

I recommend neutral clothing for all my sessions, without logos or heavy patterns. I provide all necessary props, blankets, furs & clothes for newborn baby sessions, so unless you have a particular item that you would like in your images, you do not need to provide anything. Sometimes people want to bring a special toy/blanket or article of sentimental value, which is ok. On cold days during each newborn session, I run the heating to be hot for us as adults, but I regulate the temperature to keep the baby happy. Please dress accordingly.


Time to complete the work?

My current time is around 3.5 - 4 weeks from the final payment to finish editing and provide an online gallery for you to view. Once the secured gallery is online, you will receive a link to your email address, and you may then choose your images for prints or purchase a range of available products. The gallery will remain active for 30 days. I may release files earlier at my discretion if the balance of the work is complete and as long as it is understood that those files are part of the final selection. If I have edited the work, provided an online gallery, and emailed/communicated that it is ready, the gallery will be automatically removed after 30 days. The fee for re-activating the gallery for another 30 days is $20.

How does it work with payment?

A session fee/deposit is required before a photo session to secure your booking. The remaining amount is due maximum of two days after completing the session. Combo packages are divided into three instalments (session fee/deposit, half of the remaining package investment is due on or max. Two days after the first photo session, the other half is payable on or after the second photo shoot. Please note that I will not commence work until payments are completed. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer, PayPal or cash.

What about insurance?

I never leave anything to chance, so I am a fully insured photographer with public and product liability insurance cover. 

Do you care about safety?

Your baby’s safety is paramount to me. Some of my images are composites in Photoshop. For example, all “head in hand” poses are composites, which means that the baby has been supported entirely. The supporting parent’s arm or hand is erased in Photoshop during editing. When choosing your newborn photographer, ensure your photographer puts your baby’s safety first and does not compromise on this to get a tricky shot. I will never place your baby in an unsafe or uncomfortable pose. I also ask a parent or assistant to be beside the baby on each surface elevated surface.

Is hygiene important?

I always make sure the work environment is clean and safe to perform my work. I wash my hands before each photo session and wash the fabrics and props used after the session. I also clean the entire studio and prepare it neatly for the next photo shoot.

Can I purchase all of the images taken?

I do not sell or provide RAW files as part of my services. I spend 5-6 hours editing each session which includes meticulous attention to detail to not over-edit (correcting skin tones/colours and enhancing lighting). During this time, I also convert RAW digital files to high-resolution, printable formats and decipher the image file size and document size. Editing enhances and finalises each photograph as a piece of art. This time includes the transfer of files to a USB in high resolution. Apart from bronze packages, I provide my clients with a selection of unedited images. This gives them the option to choose any other photos to be edited or printed. Please note that NO pictures on my website or social media platforms are unedited.

Can I print digital images provided using another printing lab?

Of course, you can. However, please consider that all my products are printed on the highest quality professional paper at a printing gallery lab. The computer and software I edit with are calibrated to print exactly as they should at this lab. Taking your USB to other printing companies may not produce the work as it should be printed.

Why do photographers charge what they charge?

Professional newborn photographers are trained in safe practices and handling new babies, which is an additional skill in itself. Make this a primary consideration before deciding on your newborn photographer. If you admire the style of imagery you see by a particular photographer, pricing should not be the primary consideration in booking your session. There are many overhead costs associated with running a photography business, including the high price of advertising, purchasing and maintaining professional camera equipment and computer software for editing, props and materials, insurance, and running of a vehicle to locations and photographic companies. There is also the time involved in photographing, editing and organise the delivery of finished work, paying for ongoing training and workshops and constantly evolving with the art of photography, not to mention the time it takes to clean a studio and props used after each session—additional utility costs, i.e., heating during baby sessions, etc. Anyone can take a photo, but it takes a professional photographer to create a piece of art, so consider the photographer's skill, style and expertise.

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